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I am devastated to have to relay the news that our very dear friend Howard ‘White Squall’ Copland (aka Shots) Robinson has passed….

As most of you will know he gave us some of the greatest quality soundtapes we have ever heard, most of which were exclusive straight from his line-in master tapes for example the MASSIVE Jack Ruby on tour in Berkley, California from 1982, which we have had so much great feedback about and has been downloaded well over a thousand times! It is so rare these days to get first generation copies of sessions but with Daddy Squall it was a matter of course to get these rarities!!

He first got in touch with me back in 2007 when we had just changed WCTD from the old blogger format to a proper website… Within a week of chatting to him I received the first of many packages from the USA full of pure dancehall quality. Within a couple of weeks it was as though I had known him all my life… We would sometimes sit there most of the night chatting via email about music, dancehall sessions and his time spent in JA…

Between us we came up with the idea of putting together the special featuring tapes from the Grange Hill area, a home from home for Howard when he was in JA. This turned out to be one of our most popular sections, the tapes being almost all exclusive and with perfect sound quality to boot… I never tired of hearing his stories and was so pleased when he agreed to write a piece for WCTD. I just wish I'd got him to do more.... With his tales of the dances and the crystal clear audio he provided, you could just close your eyes and go back in time to the golden days of dancehall!!

His legacy of providing top quality first generation soundtapes to share with you all will hopefully carry on as his good spar Daddy Cush has been left his tapes and he has told us that he would love us to carry on posting Howards recordings so that his memory will live on…

Cush sent us this picture of some of the tapes he has been left............

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I am so very sad that he has gone and will miss our chats incredibly… He was a kind, generous, intelligent music loving person that simply wanted to let the world hear his collection of fantastic tapes…

I have just one consolation from all this and that is when it is my time to leave here I know I will have a very dear friend waiting to greet me at that dance gate up in the sky….


Big up Daddy White Squall every single time

you are extremely LARGE my dear old friend…………….




I was really saddened to hear of the passing of Howard. He was a great friend of WCTD and had been, by far, the most enthusiastic contributor to our website.

His “Grange Hill” section is one of my favourite parts of the site and his story of his travels to that part of Jamaica is brilliantly told. Howard provided us with lots of wonderful and exclusive tapes and pictures.

He loved the dancehall days, the days when deejays and singers ruled on the microphone and he would regularly travel to Jamaica to soak up the vibes first hand. Whenever he could he would slip the sound operator a few dollars to allow him to attach his “line in” which allowed him to record many crystal clear, and exclusive dancehall sessions.

We salute you Howard.



Please spend a short time to send your thoughts out to Howard plus his friends & family today Saturday 23rd June as they will be celebrating his life this afternoon & evening... If any of you are in the area pass by, tell them Jayman & Andrew sent you & pay your respects please...

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We will post the last of the tapes he sent us and keep the Grange Hill sessions here as a tribute to our friend and a big member of the WCTD Posse

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Here is a selection that I have put together for Daddy Squall's journey home.

I know you will be listening my dear old friend...

I will see you again when it is my time

R.I.P Big Man





Section 1 – Deep meditation for Daddy Squall’s journey

Roll call – Tenor Saw

Africa train - Ijahman Levi

Wicked have fe dress back – Earth & Stone

A lonely walk – Alber t Malawi

Hard road to travel – Jimmy Cliff & Dillinger

Rasta footprints – The Viceroys

The lord is my light – Rod Taylor

Leaving to Zion – Black Uhuru

Living a lie – Vincent Taylor

Leave Babylon – Philip Gilbert

Very well – Wailing Souls

Don’t go – Brimstone

Road foggy – Burning Spear

Free up your heart – Michael Prophet

Gates of Zion – Mighty Diamonds

Section 2 – Dancehall Celebration in Memory of Daddy Squall

See them a come – Culture

Mask me mask – Prince Weedy

Answer the telephone – General Echo

Answer me – The Aggrovators

Jah Jah you/ Pain – Brigadier Jerry

Reaching to be free – Badoo

Opportunity it come but once – Ranking Toyan

Read up Jah Bible – Errol Mais

Robe – Little John

Gun fever – Ranking Toyan

Party time – Dennis Brown

Trouble maker – Ranking King

King of the road – Prince Alla

Ain’t gonna turn back – Barry Brown

Me cool – John Wayne

Mad over me – Nicodemus

Lemon popsicle – Danny Dread

Man shortage – Early B

Mr Walker – Brockback & Supercat

Cassette & tape – Ranking Toyan

Protect them – Barry Brown

Father was a rolling stone – Trinity

Who cork the dance – Bunny Lie Lie

Do the ting – Lee Van Cleef

Nowadays style – Wayne Smith

Horseman style – General Trees

Chemist & Apprentice – Papa Tullo & Purpleman

My Sonia – Cocoa Tea

Leggo me hand – Josey Wales

Golden hen – Tenor Saw

Who’s gonna help me – Tenor Saw

Tek set pon me – Tristan Palma

No funny trick – Early B

Coconut oil - Augustus Pablo

When a man in love – Yami Bolo

What’s love got to do with it – Little Kirk

Preach the gospel – Colourman

Section 3 – Revival Pressure (Reflection time)

The sun – Cornell Campbell

What a hard man fe dead – Clint Eastwood

It’s raining – Carlton Patterson

Born Kingstonian – Trinity

I’m in the mood for love – Pat Kelly

Mek we rub a dub – Prince Mohammed

Born to be loved – Winston Jarrett & The Righteous Flames

Need more love – Jah Stone

Make Faith – Knowledge & Tappa Zukie

Chaga, chaga warrior – Dave Robinson


Runs as a continuous mix, 3 hours 10 mins

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Black Star @ Club Cancer, Sav La Mar, Westmoreland, 1986

Tiger, Bruk Back, Anthony Malvo, Earl Cunningham, Marlon Brando,

Selector – Tony Roots

Mixer – Bigga

“Promoters Pang and Brooky have booked Black Star to play at Club Cancer and they certainly get a good session for their money. When Bruk Back and Tiger work together you get fireworks and this is no exception. They rightly describe themselves in a duet as “Two Heavyweight Deejays.” Tiger has the hits and “Sitting In La La” and “No Puppy Love” are aired here. Surprisingly Bruk Back never made the breakthrough but that doesn’t diminish his skills and “Geography,” “Raggamuffin Deejay” and “Born Roughneck” are the man in top form. Deejay Marlon Brando is striving for his breakthrough and here he deejays “Model Pon Your Boops” and “Human Tape Deck” effectively. Anthony Malvo and Earl Cunningham are also on hand to complete the entertainment on this wicked ’86 Black Star.”

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Wah Dat @ Georges Plain, Westmoreland, 1986

Tiger, Principal Grundy, Danny Culture, Icho Candy, Papa Olord

Crew – Barry G, Papa Chris, Daddy Willie

“Georges Plain is a small town located north of Sav La Mar and on this Friday night in 1986 it plays host to Barry G’s Wah Dat sound system. The star name on the bill tonight is the “rough ranking” Tiger from Black Star and he roars and scats in his own unique and crazy style. “Me Name Tiger,” “First Trip To London” and ”Grammy” are just some of the man’s contributions heard here. Principal Grundy’s a deejay who never seems to miss a Westmoreland dance and he backs up Tiger well, shining on “No Weekend Girl” and “Can’t Stop The Tiger.” Papa Olord, always resplendent in his natty three piece suit, has sharp lyrics too and Wah Dat stalwart Danny Culture lectures on “Bad Bwoys Your Days Are Numbered.”

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King Sturgav @ Arrows Bamboo Lawn, Oracabessa, St Mary, circa July 1985

Charlie Chaplin, Admiral Bailey, Brigadier Jerry, Principal Grundy, Colour Ranking

Selector – Inspector Willie

“The recently reactivated King Sturgav sound head to Bulby’s Arrows Bamboo Lawn in Oracabessa. Inspector Willie plays tunes both old and new and the supas on the microphone rev up the atmosphere. The tape gets off to a fine start with the Studio One riddim “Won’t You Come Home” blasting out and Charlie Chaplin’s “Unfair,” Admiral Bailey’s “Streetwalker” and Brigadier Jerry’s “Gal Go Roam” all sound damn fine on the track. Later Briggy highlights his new release “Everyman A Me Bredren” while Bailey urges one and all to “Catch The A Team” regularly.

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Black Scorpio @ Apollo Club, Burnt Savanna, St Elizabeth, 1985

Shukashine, General Tiger, Barry Back, General Trees, Yellowman, Mikey Melody, Principal Grundy, Little Devon

Selector – Papa Screw

Mixer – Culture Lee

“The Black Scorpio crew, minus Sassafrass who’s working in USA, play at the Apollo Club in Burnt Savanna. Yellowman gets a good crowd response with a medley of “Bubble With Yu Thing,” “Read The Budget” and “Nothing Nuh Go So” and likewise General Trees draws applause for “Girl Dem A Magnet” and his huge hit “Mini Bus.” The Tiger here was once Yellowman’s apprentice on Aces Disco and he’s on good form here on “Dance Ketch A Fire” and “No Gimme No Gun,” Principal Grundy, Barry Back and singers Mikey Melody and the youth Little Devon all add to the vibes of another excellent Black Scorpio session.”


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Jah Love Musik @ Whitehall Avenue, Kingston, 15th October 1983

Brigadier Jerry, Porter

Selector – Ilawi

“Another tour de force from Brigadier Jerry as the man rocks the place from dusk to dawn once again. He rails against loose talk in “Slackness Hiding,” relates of crowd violence at a “Dance In A Montreal” and elicits forwards from the audience on “Protection, Protection.” The man is unstoppable and his lyrics “What A Party Night” sum up this dance. Jah Love rockin’ the place!”

Download 2016


Dance Inna Grange Hill thanks to Daddy White Squall R.I.P

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This is a real nice special for us. Thanks to Brother White Squall, we now present to you some sessions that are being shared for the first time and most of these come straight from the mastertapes so they are crisp and exclusive(up till now!)
So please join us as we now go to a 'Dance inna Grange Hill'



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Dance inna Grange Hill

I loved reggae music since first hearing back in high school in the late 70s. The reggae sound was very different than the rock and roll music I had grown up listening to and I welcomed it as something refreshing and new. During a trip to Jamaica in 1980, I would expand my reggae world dramatically by discovering dancehall reggae, and the live dancehall “session” in particular. This type of reggae was different than what I knew back in the states. It was real reggae of the street. Local guys with boom boxes would blast their live “recorded in session” tapes. How friggin cool was that?! I was fascinated and had to know more.

Over the course of several visits to “yard”, I was fortunate to take in a number of crucial sessions. I remember El Paso Hi Fi in Little London in 80 with the guys wearing those super cool “beaver” hats. Another time found me at King Stur Gav in Negril, which I believe was one year prior to that sound’s legendary Fish Whirl session. I remember U-Roy wearing a robe, and toasting wildly over many classic versions. Another memorable session I took in was Aces Hi Fi at Top Hill with Yellowman, Grundy, Sister Nancy, etc. Yellowman was in a yellow track suit and he had those little platts on his head. He was an absolute riot as he corked the dance with “Bam Bam” “Them A Mad Over Me” and others. This session was important personally because it was the first one I recorded myself. From that point on, at every future session, I had a tape deck in hand.

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Poster for Billy's Skateland courtesy of White Squall

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I took a break from dancehall for a while as I felt the pressure to go back to school. When I came back to Jamaica in 84/85 my intention was to record more sessions. This time I brought with me a small Panasonic tape recorder/player with a line in feature. My plan was to record sessions by “lining in” or “jacking in” to the sound system. I knew this was possible to do as I had seen guys do it before. Recorded “in the dance” tapes were nice and full of vibes, but the sound quality of the “line in” was simply hard to beat.

Usually (back in those days anyway!) if one asked politely and slid the tech guy a few bucks, the magical “line in” could be had. I’m not technical at all so I can’t tell where and what all was plugged into. I can tell those interested that all of the sound systems I’ve seen, from large to small, were amazing things of marvel and technical beauty. How it all worked is a very worthy study, but far beyond my ability to explain. King Stur Gav was lovely with those big (massive) blue metered Macintosh amps. The sound of Stur Gav was also so round and sweet. Anyone who knows will tell you how sweet Daddy Gav was back in the day.

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During one of my trips to Negril, I made friends with a guy who lived in nearby Grange Hill. He kept telling me about all the wicked sessions in his area. Next thing I knew, I started taking in sessions there with him as my guide. Jah Love was my first session there, and needless to say, I was quite impressed. Grange Hill as it turned out was a real hotbed for live sessions. Every traveling sound system in Jamaica played in Grange Hill at some point or other. King Jammys on Christmas Eve 85 was perhaps the hottest session ever in Grange Hill. Locals still remember that dance and everyone seems to have a story to tell. All roads were blocked in town as Jammys could be heard railing for miles around. The set was so powerful and drew so much current that everyone’s house lights flickered. This was one hot session and I am so happy we have at least one tape from that night!

There were many many other sessions but I’ve run on enough for now. Time to listen to some music! Anyway, I’m just very glad to be a part of WCTD’s Grange Hill special. It pleases me to know that some of my sessions will be available on a wider scale to those who wish to hear them. Many thanks to Andrew and Jayman for their great site, their dedication, hard work, and their positive vibes. Bless you guys!

White Squall October 2008.

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Session 1 –
Black Star – Grange Hill, Westmoreland, December 1984

Zuzu, Bruk Back, Earl Cunningham, Anthony Malvo, Papa Iword, Anthony Blackwood

Selector – Smokey Don

“Recorded just after Christmas in 1984, White Squall’s “line in” to the sound captures this fine Black Star session in the Grange Hill area. “Special Request To All Late Night Skankas” announces Bruk Back, who’s in terrific form here. His intelligent lyrics just tumble out in informative pieces like “General Knowledge Part 1 & 2” and “Write Me Lyrics”. There’s a clutch of singers here too and Anthony Malvo rides selector Smokey Don’s Studio One selection with sweetly sung favourites like “Holly Holy” and “I’ll Never Be Lonely” while another Black Star regular Earl Cunningham touches down with “Breaking Up”. White Yankee deejay Papa Iword steps up to the mic for his “Coming In Hot" during Smokey Don’s run of Johnny Osbourne tunes. Unfortunately the tape runs out before Brigadier Jerry makes his entrance, but no matter, because now is time to finally let loose this great session for everyone to enjoy”

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Session 2 –
King Mello - Grange Hill, Westmoreland, 1985

Daddy Fashion, Daddy Richie

Selector – Icho Bobby

“This features Mo’ Bay sound King Mello in Grange Hill for a slightly later 1985 dance this time. Daddy Fashion aka Daddy Irie is the main deejay here and he’s proves to be a good mic-man too. His contribution includes “Big Already”, “Domino Tournament” and “One Dance Is A Problem” chatted over Beres’ mighty “One Dance” riddim. At one point during Echo Minott’s “Lazy Body” Daddy Fashion has to remind the gateman that it’s “Ladies For Free” at the entrance for this dance. We get to hear the other deejay Daddy Richie (Papa Richie?) all too briefly, but he adds his comments to the “Healthy Body” debate. With Icho Bobby at the musical controls we also get to enjoy tunes of the day from Malibu, Cocoa Tea and Frankie Paul.”

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Session 3 –
King Mello – Ocho Rios, St Ann, 1984

Junior Demus, Daddy Irie, Daddy Life, Tonto Irie, Ruddy, Dread Bob, Pad Anthony

Selector – Icho Bobby

“We are not too sure if this was recorded in the Grange Hill area or not, as all the “shout outs” to the Pineapple massive tends to suggest that this may have been a dance held in Ocho Rios on Jamaica’s North Coast. Whichever it may be, it’s another excellent King Mello session, this time from 1984, and has some notable entertainers in the (Pineapple?) club. Junior Demus leads off with “The Dance Just Start” and he has plenty of time at the mic sharing lyrics like “Time So Rough” and “Them Admire We” over the riddim of “Riding West”. Barrington Levy’s “Money Move” is proving very popular in the dancehall and here the version is ridden by Daddy Life with “Bend Your Back” and Tonto Irie’s crowd pleasing “Cater For Me”. Singer Dread Bob’s heartical “I’m Just A Dread” also goes down well towards the end of this pleasing part of the dance”

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Session 4 –
Pisces – Grange Hill, Westmoreland, 1984

Shukashine, Wayne Smith, General Trees, Peter Melody, Junior Eddie, Lashlarue

Selector – Papa Screw

“The venue for most of these Grange Hill sessions was, in all probability Billy’s Skateland club, and this dance features Black Scorpio entertainers guesting on the Pisces set. Younger Horseman General Trees controls the proceedings with his comments on the Jamaican youth having a “Foreign Mind, Local Body” mentality. Trees’ talented apprentice Shukashine confidently rides the Studio One “Bobby Bobylon” classic for “Bogus Jockey” while singer Wayne Smith, who’s not “Under Mi Sleng Teng” just yet, but is instead “Under Mi Dragon & Raw Egg”. Other notable deejays on the mic are Peter Melody aka Daddy Mellow who displays the new “Get Flat” style over Sugar’s “Herbsman Hustling, and the gruff tones of Junior Eddie who asks the people to “Respect Me”.


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Session 5 –
Pisces – Grange Hill, Westmoreland, 1985

Peter Melody, Sassafrass, General Trees, Principal Grundy, Lashlarue, Yonty Dread, Junior Eddie

Selector – Papa Screw

“The Black Scorpio posse is back in Grange Hill once again for this early in the year session. This time the senior horseman, veteran Sassafrass, takes his place at the controls of the Pisces sound. He versions some of his big hits “Obeah Man” and “Pocomania Jump” for the locals and the tourist visitors alike. We don’t get to hear too much from an angry General Trees on this night, probably due to him mysteriously losing “all his gold chains”. Principal Grundy has a warning for all the Negril street girls in his “Whitey Peggy” lyrics and deejay Lashlarue has repatriation on his mind in “Want To Go Home”.

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Session 6 –
Studio 54 – Bamboo Alley Way, St. Elizabeth, 1984

Boomy Culture, Steve Ranking, Blacka General, Kelly Ranking

Selector – Blacka

“This is a dance held in Bamboo Alley Way and features Studio 54 from out of Montego Bay. The sounds selector Blacka digs tunes from Half Pint, Sugar Minott, Frankie Paul and Don Carlos out of his music box, and the deejays lay down lyrics to match the versions. Boomy Ranking has a style derived from Lone Ranger and his “Tune In” gets the crowd calling for more. Boomy also shocks out over Don Carlos’s “Spread Out” and the same singer’s “Give Thanks” is the platform for Steve Ranking’s excellent “Nah Fuss Nor Fight”. Blacka General with “Come Me Just A Come” and Kelly Ranking with “Its Only Jah”, make up the deejay foursome and near the end of the tape they all join together for a dancehall sermon, Jah Love style.”

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Session 7 –
Studio 5 – Grange Hill, Westmoreland, 1984

Little Desi, Junior Ranking, Admiral Jah Marky, Daddy Rocky Culture,

Selectors – Archie & Toyan

“Here’s a one away sound called Studio 5 who have a posse of largely unknown deejays in this Grange Hill session. Nevertheless there are some good performances here, in particular Admiral Jah Marky who distinguishes himself in pieces like “Country Life’s Well Irie” over an updated “Darker Shade Of Black” riddim and he gains big “forwards” from the crowd when he builds lyrics upon lyrics during “Nice Up The Pub”. Further pieces like “Wicked Men Drop” and “Crowd A Run Come” show that country deejays could certainly hold their own. Not sure if the Junior Ranking featured here was part of the DJ combination with Papa Finnegan, but he could ride a riddim well as displayed in “Trash & Irie” and “Flashlight Stylee”

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Session 8 –
Wah Dat – Erica’s Bar, Negril, Westmoreland, 1985

Superman, Spiderman, Django

Selectors– Barry G & Papa Chris

“It’s a rainy night in Negril for the grand opening of Erica’s Bar and they have hired Barry Gordon’s Wah Dat sound system to keep everyone entertained. Superman, one half of the superhero duo, starts the proceeding with “Ring The Alarm”, complete with siren, over a cut of “Sleng Teng. His sparring partner Spiderman decides it’s time to “Nice Up The Spot, before they team up for a celebration of the “Reggae Rock”. Papa Chris supplies the music from the likes of Johnny Osbourne and Little John, and later on when the boss Barry G appears, the dubplates start to flow. Django’s now a veteran on the dancehall scene and has matured into a deejay who now chats non-slack lyrics in pieces like “Got To Be Intelligent”, “Big Mouth Talker” and “Under Me Lambs Bread”, his observations on Negril’s drug business. White Squall’s “jack in” brings us another fine session from Wah Dat”

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Session 9 –
Jack Ruby – Grange, Hanover, 1985

Uglyman, Slim Brown

Selector – Fat Jaw

“Just a few miles up the road from Grange Hill is the town of Grange, situated just inside the parish of Hanover, and they play host to Jack Ruby Hi Fi, Ocho Rios’s finest. Uglyman and Slim Brown aka President Brown handle the deejay duties while Fat Jaw keeps the selection sharp with a heap of dubplate specials. Uglyman has some serious topics to chat about, finding time to question the exploitation of the Bauxite workers and why the “Guns A Take Over Jamaica”. It’s not all reality as his “Donkey Ride” brings a smile over the “Political Fiction” riddim. Slim Brown manages to wrestle the mic from Uglyman for a time and he responds with “Rougher Dan Dem” and “Insect Style” on the “Stalag”.

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Here's a second part to the Jack Ruby at Grange dance. Same line-up and again this one is a crisp line-in recording from White Squall.... This one's a killer!!


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Session 10 –
King Jammy’s – Grange Hill, Westmoreland, 24th/25th December 1985

Admiral Bailey, Pompido, Don Angelo, Woody Noble, Tonto Irie, Major Worries, Purpleman

Selector – Tupps

Mixer - Chri

“This recording of King Jammy’s spans Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in 1985 and what a year it’s been for them. The Sleng Teng came and swept away everything and the digital rhythms are now bossing the dancehalls. For this electricity sapping dance in Grange Hill about half the Jammy’s posse is present, with Admiral Bailey and Tonto Irie really running things here. Admiral Bailey is riding the wave of success and deejays enthusiastically “Don’t Like Prison” and berates all the “Hurry Up Deejays” on a Jammy’s recut of “Feel Like Jumping”. After the countdown for Xmas day, selector Tupps lets go some Cocoa Tea specials and Tonto Irie gets to voice his big seller “Must Girlie Girlie” for the Grange Hill massive. The singers are represented by Don Angelo, with his “Sharing The Night” and Woody Noble’s lovers style “Just The Two Of Us” and there are only brief appearances from Pompido, Major Worries and Purpleman found in this section of the dance, before White Squall’s cassette sadly comes to an end. This was a roadblock dance that everyone in the area remembered as one “hot session” from King Jammy’s.”

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Session 11 –
King Sturgav – Negril, Westmoreland, 1985

Principal Grundy, Charlie Chaplin

Selector– Inspector Willie

“Here’s long standing favourite King Sturgav playing out in Negril in 1985 and it features the two “Principals”, Grundy and Charlie Chaplin controlling the deejay duties. Josey Wales is mentioned but he hasn’t reached the venue yet so Inspector Willie mixes up things with Studio One running alongside selections from Dennis Brown, Frankie Paul and Sugar Minott. Carlton Livingston’s “Don’t Follow Rumours” has always been one of Sturgav’s favourites and Charlie voices his single “Fire Burn Them Below” over the Solomon riddim. Another killer rhythm is the M16/Scandal and here Principal Grundy, with “Conscious Man” and Chaplin’s righteous chant in “Rastafari Never Fail I Yet”, which combine dancehall and cultural themes in typical Stereograph style.”

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Session 12 –
Wah Dat – & Youthman Promotion, Montego Bay, St James, 1986

General Trees, Django, Nicodemus, Peter Metro, Echo Minott, Papa Richie

Selectors– Barry G & Papa Chris

“Montego Bay is the venue and it has two big sounds in one lawn for this session, taped early in 1986. Sugar Minott’s sound isn’t heard here but we get to enjoy the Wah Dat section, which has some big entertainers passing through. Peter Metro really gets the people calling out when he turns up the heat for “Top Celebrity Man” and the massive “Police Ina England”. Black Scorpio spars General Trees and Echo Minott both reel off the hits like “Pain A Back”, “Na Na Noo Nus” and “Part Time Lover” while local deejay Papa Richie has gal problems in “Grab Mi Money”. Veteran Nicodemus remembers his early days on Socialist Roots and fires off nuff lyrics for the crowd in pieces like “PT109”, “Coke Seller” and “Easy Mr Fabulous”.



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Session 13 –
Ultramedia – Coney Island Park, Grange Hill, 1987

Daddy Spider, Mouth A Massy, Deego Culture, Las Vegas, Franco Nero

Selector – Delroy

“Introducing Ultramedia, another one away sound, for this session kept in the Grange Hill locality. DJ Mouth A Massy used to occasionally turn up on American sound tapes but here he is deep in Westmoreland urging the crowd to “Catch Me Style” and promising to “Hot Up The Mic Fi Dem”. Selector Delroy draws Pinchers’ “Lift It Up Again” and Daddy Spider aka Spider Chin rides the riddim with quotes from the bible. Ultramedia’s lone singer Las Vegas, not to be confused with Mr Vegas, has to be heard to be believed though. Franco Nero joins the proceedings and offers up good lyrics about “Petty Robbers”, “Farm Workers” and the “People Of South Africa”.

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Session 14 –
Wah Dat – Sheffield, Westmoreland, 1985

Danny Culture, Principal Grundy, Computer, Papa Richie, Daddy Willie

Selector – Papa Chris

“Wah Dat Hi Fi in session again, this time in Sheffield near Negril, and possibly taped at the Fish Wirl Club. Both Principal Grundy and Papa Richie seem to appear on a great number of dances held in the western parishes of Jamaica and they team up with Wah Dat regular Danny Culture to rock the venue with lyrics galore. Papa Richie bigs up selector Papa Chris who mixes down the sound as Richie builds up the vibes. Computer, who sounds like the deejay that turned up on sounds like Downbeat in the latter part of the eighties, comes up with pieces like “Whitey Peggy” and “Rasta Boogie”. Danny Culture gives a history lesson in “Respect Jamaica” and unknown Daddy Willie proves popular with “Ghost Catcher”, “Respect Your Country” and the sound boosting “Wah Dat In A Style”.



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Session 15 –
Stereo One – Grange Hill, Westmoreland, 1987

Papa San, Dolly Man, Captain Barkey, Wickerman, Daddy Blue, Principal Grundy, Ricky Stereo, Bunny General, Malibu

Selectors – Mikey Dreadlocks & Mumble

“Stereo One were riding on crest of popularity and according to a hoarse Daddy Blue playing out virtually every night of the week. Even without their two mainstays of the sound, Lt. Stitchie and Jonathan Wolfman, who are working away in New York, they have roped in another fast talker Papa San to fill the void and with a barrage of lyrics he does just that. Highlights from him are the entertaining “Letter To Mama/Lover” saga and his heartfelt “Tribute To Major Worries”, a fellow Spanishtonian deejay who was recently gunned down. The slaying of Peter Tosh is also fresh in the mind and Captain Barkey wants the killers to wear the “Hangman’s Noose” for their crime, while his sparring partner Wickerman lightens the mood in “Sunday Cooking”.

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Session 16 –
Ghettophonic – Grange Hill, Westmoreland, 1988

Doctor C, Junior Demus, Brigadier Jerry, Dominic, Foreign Fowl, Little Blackie, Conroy Smith, Papa Jah Jah, N***er Mikey

Selector – Major Stitch

Mixer – Little Des

“The Ghettophonic sound plied their trade around county of Cornwall and here in Grange Hill a full crew of entertainers keep the dancehall fans happy. Junior Demus comes with his original “Talk & Stop” pattern early on, while later on he bemoans the Reagan/USA interference in Jamaica in his “Dedicated To All Ganjaman” piece. Major Stitch, the former selector with Youth Promotion, is controlling all things musical here and when he drops the Brigadier Jerry dubplate special “No Test Ghettophonic” it’s the cue for “The General” himself to take up the mic and perform it live. Conroy Smith’s “Dangerous” is mashing up all dancehalls and here the singer steps up, much to the crowds delight, and versions it over an updated “Mr Bassie” rhythm. Londoner Dominic was making a big splash in JA at this time and here he plugs his new King Jammy’s produced “A Year In Jamaica”, a tune documenting his success to date.”

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Session 17 –
Ticka Muzik – Canterbury, Montego Bay, St James, 1989

Terry Ganzie, Junior History, First Blood, Anthoy Malvo, Tiger, Cat Paw, Lapaleng Man, Collie Metric

Selector – Daddy Harold

Mixer - Ninja

“Montego Bay’s Ticka Muzik was around throughout the 80’s and this recording, with post Hurricane Gilbert references, captures them live sometime in 1989. Long time selector Daddy Harold has the new riddims of the day and the local singers and deejays each get their turn to handle the mic. Collie Metric is a deejay obviously influenced by Ninjaman and his observation that entertainers shouldn’t fight each other is spot on. Another stand out is Lapaleng Man (Ippy Ranking?), who details a wrongful police raid on his house. Anthony Malvo and Tiger pass through the dance, and the duo combine on tunes like “Hello Josephine”, “Sitting In La La” and of course their massive “Come Back To Me”, with Tiger putting in a typically hyper performance on the sound.”

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Session 18 –
Killamanjaro – Billy’s Skateland, Grange Hill, Westmoreland, 1989

Admiral Tibet, Hopeton James, Daddy Shark, Ricky Trooper, Hammamouth, Bugle Boy,

Selector – Jeremy “Apache” Lee

“Here’s another of White Squall’s “line in” recordings at Billy’s Skateland in Grange Hill. With Charlie Chaplin and Ninjaman not having reached the venue yet, the crowd are getting a little edgy and when Daddy Shark introduces Admiral Tibet they are a bit suspicious and a bottle is thrown at one point. However it’s unmistakeably the Admiral and he sings his “Serious Time” hit followed by “Terrorist” and “Too Much Jealousy” to try to keep them happy. The ‘Jaro crew is headed up by Shark, Ricky Trooper and Hammamouth and selector Jeremy Lee draws nuff specials, many with Fuzzy Jones introductions, from the likes of Robert Lee, Conrad Crystal and Little John. Hammamouth has plenty of almshouse lyrics on show and there is even Ricky Trooper, in his pre selecting days, and he deejays pieces like “Lecture Me Gal” and the surprisingly cultural “Pray To Jah Jah”.

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Session 19 –
Jah Love – Billy’s Skateland, Grange Hill, Westmoreland, 1992

Culture Don, Principal Grundy, Jeremiah, Charlie Chaplin, Deuteronomy, Ken Serious

Selector – Earl “Jah B” Belcher

“Jah Love Muzik have been on the scene for many years and they’ve long carried the banner, with King Sturgav, for the cultural sounds. Billy has promoted this dance and the Jah Love crew, minus Brigadier Jerry, spread the words and sounds of Rastafari to the people present. Standing beside Charlie Chaplin and Principal Grundy there is a new generation of deejay chanters starting to feature. Briggy’s brother Jeremiah was often featured on nineties Jah Love sessions and he shines here on “Hard Road To Travel” and “A No Me”, a story of false accusations by the police. Time is given to Ken Serious and Deuteronomy and they don’t disappoint with passages like “Praise The King” and “Jah Jah See Them A Come” respectively.”

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Session 20 –

Black Scorpio – Billy’s Skateland, Grange Hill, Westmoreland, 1988

General Trees, Mikey Melody, Yellowman, Carter Wong, Culture Lee, Barry Bak, Bobby Melody

Selector – Papa Screw

Skateland’s Billy is the promoter for this dancehall session early in 1988 and it features the Black Scorpio crew. Yellowman is the special guest and when he gets slack you can hear the Grange Hill girls scream. He reckons the local girls are bound to “Tek Weh Yu Man”. There is also some friction between the “Yellow Fellow” and Scorpio regular Barry Bak on show. General Trees showcases his current single “Move Up & Down” and ponders on the economic situation in “No Money Nah Run”. As usual singers get a turn with both Mikey Melody, with “Rock Me” and “Keep Holding On” in tandem with Barry Bak and Bobby Melody covering “Say What Your Saying”. Culture Lee, Scorpio’s sound engineer and sometime deejay, warns against drunk drivers in his cautionary “Drink & Drive” tale.”

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Session 21 –

Ghettophonic – Billy’s Skateland, Grange Hill, Westmoreland, 1989

Ras Abraham, Dignitary Stylish, Professor Nuts

“This tape has the feel of a stage show rather than a dancehall session, but it’s still an entertaining recording all the same. Deejay Dignitary Stylish has some great lyrics on show here; especially on his solo “That’s The Way The World Runs”. He also works in combination with singer Ras Abraham, who is Abraham Green, a former singer with harmony groups The Slickers and The Survivors. He delivers a nice “Lovers Medley” before a Marley tribute in “Natty Dread”. Star of the show though is the inimitable Professor Nuts who handles the crowd like a seasoned professional. Many, many lyrics flow and they include versions of recent singles “Raggamuffin Natty Dread” and “Don Cant Check Woman”. The hilarious story of the lost “False Teeth” has the crowds rolling and the extended tale of “Bad Boy Jimmy Boscombe” keeps them listening. At one point though he has to deal with a heckler and he does this with all the skill of a comedian, which of course, is just what Professor Nuts is, a true dancehall comedian.”

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Session 22 -

Aces International - Top Hill, Westmoreland 1983

Principal Grundy, Yellowman, Little Harry

Selector: Shaggy...

Principal Gundy sets the tone with "Papa Aces, Heavyweight Sound" and the sound from St. Thomas doesn't disappoint. The pounding Roots Radics riddims are the flavour of the dancehall and selector Shaggy has music from the likes of Freddie McGregor and Triston Palma. Grundy's "Mental Slavery" is delivered over the popular "Big Ship" and his lyrical warning "When Jah Jah Come" is riding the ever-present "Entertainment" rhythm. Aces child prodigy Little Harry deejays confidently when he holds the microphone for "Harry A De General" and "Modelling Queen" before handing over to his teacher "Yellowman". Dressed in his trademark yellow tracksuit, he whips up the crowd with some of his many dancehall hits such as "One of a Kind", "Out of Hand" and "Bam Bam". Ever the showman, Yellowman leads the singing in a "Christian Style" before turning to a more serious matter of "Cocaine" abuse. Aces' tapes don't turn up very often so it's great to hear them rocking the Top Hill area in fine style.

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Jahlovemuzik International - Billy's Skateland, Grange Hill 1983

Brigadier Jerry, Colonel Ion..

Selector: Ilawi & Chris...

Jah Love hit the town of Grange Hill and the Twelve Tribes followers packed into Billy's Skateland to hear their organisation's sound system rock it in an "Orthodox" fashion. The main man Brigadier Jerry is here at the start, announcing that "Slackness Bite the Dust" and "Some Girls Tricky". But it's not all Briggy in this portion of the dance and although deejays Covenant Hinds and Jeremiah are also present, he hands over to Colonel Ion, a U Brown-inspired DJ, who gets a chance to prove himself over Ilawi's selections. His pieces like "Grance Hill Skank" and "Smoke the Ishens" keep the vibes flowing before Brigadier Jerry inevitably (but not captured here) would have returned to "cork the dance" for the rest of the night.

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Jahlovemuzik International - Billy's Skateland, Grange Hill 1983 Part 2

Featuring: Brigadier Jerry, Covenant Hinds

Selector: Ilawi

Here's part 2 of this great session that White Squall taped on his ghettoblaster in the dance.

This one should actually be labelled as part 1 as Daddy Squall told me it is from earlier on in the dance than the other part we have put up.

Some classic selection from Ilawi including tracks from: Cornell Campbell, Mighty Diamonds, Freddie McGregor and the mighty D. Brown. Briggy gives us some of his best lyrics over the serious versions that Ilawi drops and he gets big forwards, especially when he chats 'herbalist Party' over party time and 'pass the chalice' over Kouchie.

A very good atmospheric taped in the dance session from Daddy Squall's archives, many thanks my friend.




***We would just like to thank Brother White Squall for donating these great sessions to WCTD, it's been a real nice special indeed....***


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